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Date: 18. April 2013

Yet another graduation

After training had ended on Februaty 18th 2013, I had the pleasure to graduate one of our most active members.
Stig and I both agreed that it was time for Kim Bredahl Lassen to recieve his 3rd kyu.
Kim is always happy when on the mat, and he never hesitates to lend a helping hand when called upon. So despite his own frustrations concerning "things don't work for him" he keeps on working. And this he does with an enthusiasm that makes his progress amazing to follow.
Once again a big congratulations to Kim, with a new well deserved kyu-degree.

Written by: Steffen Ravn Mortensen
Date: 13. April 2011


One could be tempted to believe that nothing is happening i Fredericia Aikido because of lack of new. We will try and fix this in the future.
On March 21st and March 30th, 3 graduations were given out in Fredericia Aikido.
Camilla Svane Weimar got her 3rd kyu, Bo Møller Jensen and Jesper L. Petersen their 4th kyu.

Unfortunately Camilla hasn't been on the mat too much for a while, but now she has come back with a vengance. Always showing up in a good mood and a renewed energi and thirst for aikido. She is always ready to jump in and help teach if it is needed. This happened resently as the other instructors went to Berlin to train under Shimizu Sensei.
Once again thank you for your help and congratulations with your new and very well deserved degree. Bo and Jesper also show, very much so even, that Tendoryu Aikido is something that they really want to do. Sometimes you could be tempted to believe that they live in the dojo.
When the usual days of teachings and classes are over, new appointments are made to meet for “open-mat” practice. And with Aikido 3 times a week a very visible and positive development has happened in both of them. Not just in the technical but also on the mental level.

Once again, congratulations with your new degree to the both of you.

Written by: Steffen Ravn Mortensen
Date: 29. November 2009

Guest Instructor and graduation

On Wednesday November 25th Tim Jensen 3. Dan from Herlev visited our dojo. Because of his work Tim was in århus and when going home he went past Fredericia and gave training. Tim gave a nice and varied training with some good corrections. Thank you Tim

As the training had ended Tim graduated Lasse to 1. Kyu.

Many congratulations to Lasse with the new rank.

Written by: Stig Weimar
Date: 21. October 2009

Seminar in Hamburg

On the weekend of September 26th-27th an Aikido training was held in Hamburg, Germany. 4 people from the group in Fredericia attended, namely: Lasse, Steffen, Stig and Amanda. We drove there together in one car. It was a long trip to Hamburg on the German free ways.

Training started out with 3 hours of teachings from Volker Marczona. He was a really good teacher. In the breaks there was Wasser mit Kohlensäure, which is club soda. The teachings and the talks between training sessions were in German. Which was a little hard to understand all the time. But after a while and getting used to it, it got easier.

Supper on Saturday was a buffet where everybody had brought a little something. There was a lot of different things. Different varieties of bread, chilli con carne, different salads and pies. Also there was rye bread, pate and different cold cuts.

We spent the night at Eckhardt's dojo on the hard mats. It was cold and a night without much sleep. Sunday we trained with Volker again. We continued with the theme of the weekend. The techniques were just a little longer and a little harder. After training the buffet was set up for lunch for those who wanted to participate in it.

The trip home went well. There were no problems and the drive seemed fast. I think it was educational to go to the training. Partly because you train with new people and you get corrected more than usual. But also it was exiting to be taught by someone else than the daily trainer. It was fun, but difficult because everything was in German. Most of the people there were German. 4 Danes from Fredericia and 2 from Herlev.

Written by: Amanda Karmark Bro
Date: 11. April 2009

Graduations in Fredericia

We have 2 new graduations in Fredericia. Amanda and Mette who have been training with us since the beginning of the season got graduated to 5. kyu.

Many congratulations to both of them.

On the photo from the left: Amanda and Mette

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar

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