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Sensei Kenji Shimizu was born in Tendo Honami-cho, Fukuoka in Japan. His dojo in Tokyo, Japan is called Tendokan.

Kenji Shimizu Sensei was born in 1940. He started practising Judo in 1953. After earning his 4.Dan in Judo he decided to change and practice Aikido. Kenji Shimizu Sensei practised Aikido very intensely from 1963 under the founder of Aikido O'sensei Morihei Ueshiba. Here he made remarkable progress. Only three years after getting his graduation for 1. Dan he received his 4. Dan – which is an unique achievement that has not been seen since..

After receiving his 7.Dan and O'sensei had passed on, Kenji Shimizu Sensei founded am independent Aikido school in Tokyo called “Tendokan”. In 1991 Shimizu Sensei received his 8. Dan from the Nihon Kokusai Budoin thereby being on of the highest graduated Aikido masters in the world. In 2002 he was honoured by the Japanese foreign minister for spreading the knowledge of Aikido as a part of the Japanese culture. Sensei Kenji Shimizu travels to Europe several times a year, especially Germany, to teach Aikido.

The highlight of his “career” in Aikido came in 2002 where he got invited to the Enjukai (an autumn celebration). He got invited be the Japanese Emperor and Empress. Here the Empress wished Shimizu Sensei all the best of luck and good fortunes in his future prevalence of Aikido. An event that surely means a great deal for the whole Aikido community as Sensei Kenji Shimizu is the first representative from Aikido, who has achieved such and honour from the Japanese imperial family.