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Welcome to Tendoryu Aikido Fredericia

Tendoryu Aikido first came to Denmark in 1995 as the dojo in Fredericia started.
Tendoryu Aikido is a self-defence martial art which can be practice by people of all ages. Tendoryu Aikido
separates it self from other martial arts in only containing defensive techniques. It is a non violent martial art.

The thought behind Tendoryu Aikido is to use the power of the aggressor against him or her self. This means
that strength is not an important factor in Tendoryu Aikido.

The goal of Tendoryu Aikido is not to harm your opponent or even to win. But to get the aggressor to realise
that attacking does not lead to anything.

Information for new members, press here.
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Tendoryu Aikido Fredericia is a part of ”Fredericia Judo & Ju-Jutsu Klub”.
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